Los Angeles Dodgers Plus a Healthy Carl Crawford Equals a Sensational Outfield

By Rodney Coe
Los Angeles Dodgers Carl Crawford
Bob DeChiara-US Presswire

If Carl Crawford can get healthy, the Los Angeles Dodgers arguably have the best outfield in MLB. That was the plan when the Dodgers got Crawford in what is called the “blockbuster” trade from the Boston Red Sox last year.

Crawford was a four time all-star back in his Tampa Bay Rays days. From 2003-2011, he averaged 144 games a year. Crawford has played for 11 seasons, and he has proven his durability.

He is also an amazing talent. His career totals are .292 BA, .332 OBP, .441 SLG, and a .774 OPS. Crawford has scored 853 runs, and has 1,642 hits. His MLB fielding percentage is .990.

However, Crawford had wrist surgery and Tommy John Surgery in 2012. He hasn’t played at all yet this spring for the Dodgers. To complicate things, Crawford has had some soreness after his surgery. There has been some chatter about if, and when, he can return.

As usual, Los Angeles manager Don Mattingly is deflecting the speculation. Mattingly has said he just wants Crawford healthy. If that takes 5 games, 10 or 20, a healthy Crawford is the ultimate goal.

Indeed it is. Even though we are yet to see him in Dodger blue, can you imagine the Dodgers with Crawford in left, two-time all-star Matt Kemp in center, and two-time all-star Andre Ethier in right? The Dodgers will have a powerful trio in the outfield.

In a 162 game schedule, even if it does take 20 games for Crawford to return, he is worth the wait. Dodger fans have a reason to celebrate when that happens. They will have the best outfield in MLB.

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