Miami Marlins’ Ricky Nolasco is not Flashy But is Effective.

By David Miller
ricky nolasco marlins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A great deal has changed over the past few seasons for the Miami Marlins. Their name changed from Florida to Miami and they have a new ballpark to play in. Last season they went for winning with veterans while this season the veterans have been dumped in favor of giving a chance to younger stars. Fans were pleased going into last season and many are irate going into this season. For all that has changed however, pitcher Ricky Nolasco remains the same.

Nolasco has been with the Marlins for several seasons and is the unquestioned ace of the staff going into this season. He is far from a standard lights out ace pitcher though. If you look to Nolasco and expect shutouts and no-hitters, you might be disappointed. His ERA is over four consistently and he gives up a little over one homer per nine innings. He’s not perfect by any stretch of measure but he is effective.

What the Marlins need is exactly what Nolasco gives them. They know he will go out and pitch close to two-hundred innings. They know they’ll have to score a few runs to win but they always do. What he is missing in flash and shutouts across the board, Nolasco more than makes up for in reliable consistency. He might give up a few runs but he’ll battle the opposing team and give the Marlins a chance to win every fifth day.

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