Michael Bourn Thinks the New York Mets are Heading in the Right Direction

By Colin Greten
Jake Roth-USATODAY Sports

Michael Bourn decided to sign with the Cleveland Indians this offseason, leaving the New York Mets with a below average outfield. Although he picked the Indians, Bourn believes that the Mets are on the path towards becoming a contender.

If the Mets had signed Bourn, the MLB would have likely made the team surrender its 11th overall draft pick in the upcoming 2013 draft. The team tried to fight this, as the pick was originally a protected 10th overall before the Pittsburgh Pirates failed to sign their 2012 draft pick, which automatically gives them a top 10 pick in 2013. The pick was protected and as a rebuilding team, the Mets did not want to give it up for Bourn. While the Mets tried to keep their pick, Bourn decided to sign with the Indians.

Bourn joins new manager Terry Francona in Cleveland, but has spoke highly of the Mets this week. He was strongly considering signing with New York, but chose not to wait as spring training was approaching. However, the decision was not because of the Mets’ recent struggles as a franchise. Bourn believes that the Mets are truly headed in the right direction, as they have a great deal of good prospects and a shrinking payroll.

Mets’ general manager Sandy Alderson has continually cut payroll and refused to spend a lot of money during his tenure with the team, but Bourn also believes that will change in the next few seasons, as New York moves closer to prominence. The team’s pursuit of Bourn proves that they are willing to spend money on free agents, if the price is right. Even though Michael Bourn did not wind up in New York, Mets’ fans should be encouraged by his positive words, and hope that he is right about the team’s direction.

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