Brian Wilson: Not a Viable Option for the Detroit Tigers

By justingawel
Brian Wilson San Francisco Giants
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, I know I’m being more repetitive than a single mother screaming at her children on vacation, but, honestly, it would be an abhorrent move for the Detroit Tigers to try to sign ex-San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson.

Signing Wilson, a man who certified himself as a ninja during a dream in 2010, would be an attempt to throw money at a problem in an attempt to get a quick fix.

It’s like those parents on My Super Sweet Sixteen who buy their daughter a car in an attempt to get that shallow, materialistic, 16-year old to say she loves them for a day or so. However, just wait until she cries and tells her folks she hates them because they refuse pay for her and friends to fly to Cabo for the weekend.

Hence, quick fixes rarely work and are seldom the answer to the problem.

We can recognize that Wilson has been effective when he has played, but he also has had two Tommy John surgeries in the last ten years. Being a power pitcher, Wilson has the potential to re-tear that ligament every time he steps onto the mound. Now, Wilson made $8.5 million in 2012 — that’s a significant chunk of change to risk on the durability of a twice-repaired ligament.

We’ve heard the claims that the Tigers could use a character with Wilson’s colorful personality. However, what’s the basis for their argument? We’re trying to win baseball games, not work shopping another objectionably formulaic ABC sitcom.

Detroit, don’t sign Wilson — he’s a good player, but isn’t worth it right now.

Justin Gawel is a Honey Nut Cheerio enthusiast who mainly writes for Rant Sports about the Detroit Tigers. Follow him on Google+ for all of his article postings.

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