Jackie Bradley Jr. Making Every Moment Count in Spring Training for Boston Red Sox

By Art Eddy
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Boston Red Sox prospects is making every moment count in Florida during his Spring Training stint.

That player would be Jackie Bradley Jr. The veterans on the team are taking note of how Jackie performs each day. They see him constantly studying the game and how he is looking to make daily improvement.

Players mention that Bradley Jr. is in the outfield looking at all the different ways in which he can make the best play on the ball. Some of the team says that he is like Dustin Pedroia in the fact that he takes in every piece of advice from coaches and teammates.

Jackie was drafted 40th overall in 2011 during the First-Year Player Draft. The highly-touted prospect for this year has heard rumors that he could even replace Jacoby Ellsbury if the Red Sox don’t sign him and lose him to free agency.

Bradley Jr. spoke with MLB.com’s Ian Brown about his preparation this spring. He told Ian, “I’m constantly working at it. I just don’t do it for fun. I’m actually working on something while I’m doing it. I’m just trying to get better in any different facet of the game. That’s part of my routine. Just like you have a hitting routine, I have a defensive routine. That’s what I do.”

So far in this preseason, Jackie has gone 8-for-17 and scored five runs. The Red Sox coaching staff is very pleased with his hustle and performance this year, which gives Jackie a great shot of landing a spot on the team.

As long as he keeps performing the way he has been, the future looks bright for him.

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