New York Yankees Fans Need to Come Down Off Ledge After Mark Teixeira's Injury

By Ben Grimaldi
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After listening to New York Yankees fans after getting the news that first baseman Mark Teixeira will be sidelined for 8-10 weeks with a right wrist injury, you would have thought the sky was falling. I haven’t heard this much doom and gloom since the whole Y2K computer glitch was going to mess up our computers forever!

That turned out to be nothing and so will the Teixeira injury. There is way too much overreaction over Teixeira’s injury right now and the Yankees don’t need to make any major move to sign a first, or third, baseman to replace him. Yes, the injury isn’t the greatest news Yankees fans have heard in the past few weeks, especially on top of the Curtis Granderson injury, but the Yankees will be just fine without Teixeira.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Teixeira usually stink until July anyway? Since joining the Yankees, he’s only had an average of above .279, his career average, twice in his Yankees career before the month of July so it’s not like he rips the cover off of the ball before the weather gets warm anyway. All you hear from Yankees fans about Teixeira is how useless he is early in the season but now that he’s out, we’re supposed to believe it’s a big deal? Please.

Despite what anyone says, the Yankees can deal with this injury with in-house replacements and be fine. Actually, the answer couldn’t be simpler; they move Kevin Youkilis to first base and play Eduardo Nunez at third base. Nunez is a good hitter and he can make up for the lack of offense Yankees fans have been complaining about.

Spare me the talk about his defense or how the Yankees defense will be compromised with Nunez at third base because I haven’t heard any Yankee fans complain about the Yankees lack of defense in the past few weeks. It’s been all about how the Yankees don’t have enough offense to score runs. Don’t kid yourself into thinking this is a defensive issue, because it’s not. I’m not saying that defense isn’t important, just that it’s not what the Yankees biggest issue is right now.

The Yankees need to score more runs and even though losing Teixeira will hurt, but it’s not the devastating injury everyone is making it out to be. New York should be worried about their offense right now and their defensive alignment is a secondary concern, after all, will it matter if they play perfect defense and lose 3-2? As good as Teixeira’s bat is in the Yankees lineup, he isn’t the same player in April and May so the Yankees will be just fine with Nunez in the lineup.

It’s not the ideal way to start a season for the New York Yankees but losing Mark Teixeira isn’t that big of a deal.

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