Texas Rangers Will be Haunted Forever if Nolan Ryan Leaves

By RanterX
Nolan Ryan
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently there are more than two professional sports teams in the Dallas Fort Worth-area with moronic ownership. It’s typical for the Dallas Cowboys to make personnel and executive moves that give the team the worst possible chance to succeed and it’s also not uncommon for the Dallas Mavericks to completely and utterly destroy anything good going on with their team. But the Texas Rangers? They haven’t made any unintelligent move since before Nolan Ryan took over as the head honcho in Arlington…until now. The man responsible for turning Texas into a title contender for the first time in franchise history has been stabbed in the back, which is not the way to do things in the Lone Star State and it puts the future success of the Rangers in great jeopardy.

Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram first reported that Rangers majority owners Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, who teamed up with Ryan to buy the team in 2010, offered the Texas legend’s job to Rangers general manger Jon Daniels back in November. Daniels declined the promotion to take over the business side of the organization, but agreed to take over all the baseball responsibilities, which were Ryan’s. Apparently Ryan was unaware of this until Galloway’s report went viral this week, so why in the world is Ryan still in Arlington?

Knowing that Daniels is basically in charge now, why in the world would Ryan stick around? He basically doesn’t have a job, yet he’s still in the owner’s box and has the title of CEO. So what exactly is going on with the Rangers? No one knows, not even Daniels, who joined a Dallas-area sports radio station earlier this week and blatantly admitted that he doesn’t know what Ryan’s role is now or whether Ryan is still his boss. If this doesn’t sound like a discombobulated bunch of brass, I don’t know what does.

Was it not Ryan who mentored the first decent pitching staff for Texas in franchise history? Was it not Ryan who stood up for Rangers manager Ron Washington when everyone else wanted to run him out of town? Was it not Ryan who slashed prices of everything related to Rangers baseball the day after he became CEO? Was it not Ryan who made all the tremendous upgrades to the Ballpark in Arlington, much to the delight of the fans? Was it not Ryan who made the Rangers a relevant baseball team for the first time in franchise history? Yes, it was Ryan, so why has he been put in a position that has caused him to ponder a departure from the franchise that has a statue of him inside its stadium?

Nothing against Daniels, but he’s not solely responsible for the Rangers’ recent success. Sure, he deserves some credit, but he hasn’t made nearly the impact Ryan has on the organization, both on and off the field. Furthermore, Ryan was a Texas icon before he joined the Rangers as anything but a player, so his legacy has nearly doubled in validity over the past half a dozen years. Running him out of town would be moronic, yet that’s exactly what’s happening.

If Ryan does leave, what’s to stop him from making a beeline down I-45 and joining the Houston Astros‘ front office? You’re nuts if you think the other baseball team in Texas that’s struggling wouldn’t welcome Ryan with open arms, even after his rift with Astros owner Jim Crane. You’re also nuts if you think Ryan wouldn’t turn that team around in about three years, which would be more than haunting for the Rangers considering the Astros are now in the same division. Texas is about to join the idiotic ways of its DFW-area sports brethren and it won’t end well.

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