Tim Lincecum Should be able to Overcome Last Season’s Struggles

By David Miller
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The news for Tim Lincecum this spring has not been good enough to make us forget about last season. The former ace of the San Francisco Giants starting rotation comes into the 2013 season with uncertainty all around him. His spring outings haven’t been that great and he continues to have problems with a blister that forced him to miss his last start. Those are quite a few negatives flowing around Lincecum but I think he will eventually be just fine.

It would be silly to pretend that Lincecum doesn’t have something to prove this season. His ERA was three runs higher last season than in any previous one. What happened is really not something that can be dissected properly by anyone but Lincecum and the Giants coaching staff. Honestly at this point it doesn’t matter. He has to come into this season better; there is no doubt about that. The reason he will be fine however is because that’s all he has to do.

Lincecum doesn’t need to be the ace of the staff right now as the Giants have a good overall rotation. He can relax without the weight of the ace label following him around. He didn’t have to feel like the ace during the playoffs last season and his ERA in three appearances was 2.47 while averaging 10.4 strikeouts per nine innings. In case you are curious, yes those numbers are right there with his career numbers before last season.

This guy is a professional. He’s no kid and he knows how to pitch. If anything going through a down year might have taught him more about how to be a good pitcher and not just to rely on his stuff and his long hair. Good thing about the hair since he cut it all off before this season. I’m not saying he will be a shut down lights out pitcher like he was three years ago. The good news is that he doesn’t have to be. He just has to be Tim Lincecum and as long as he focuses on getting himself right, he’ll perform well just like he did in the postseason.

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