Would New York Mets Lucas Duda be an Answer For the New York Yankees?

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

With the New York Yankees latest injury victim, Mark Texiera, expected to miss the next 8-10 weeks with a popped ligament in his wrist, it is safe to assume they will be looking to fill the void. The Yankees already have a power outage missing Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson, but without Texiera, they lose power as well as a gold glove first baseman. So the question needs to be asked. Would New York Mets 1B/OF Lucas Duda be an answer for the Yankees?

First, understand that Duda has nowhere near the glove ability that Texiera gives the cross-town rivals. Second, Duda has been more attuned to playing the outfield with the Mets and would need some time to readjust. Also, Duda does not present the history of hitting 30+ homers and is not guaranteed to succeed in the role. But wouldn’t his swing look sweet aiming towards the left field porch at Yankee Stadium?

The Yankees might want to consider the fact that the home run potential is there, and Duda is much better at first than he is in the outfield. Plus the fact that Duda, if and when Texiera returns, would probably be a better outfielder in the smaller Yankee Stadium, than he has been at Citi Field. It would be a win-win opportunity for the Yankees to pick up a viable, cheap option that can play first, outfield and DH compared to looking at one-dimensional players such as a Justin Morneau-type.

I am sure the Yankees would be willing to part with a mid-level outfield prospect for a guy like Duda. The Yankees have only one player, Robinson Cano, on their MLB roster currently that has hit more than 20 homers. They would be lost with their options that present themselves, and the Mets would benefit long-term from making the move.

Normally I would not advocate for a trade between these two teams, but I would not be opposed to losing Duda for the right prospect. The ball is in the Yankees court. Do they go into the season with Jayson Nix or Eduardo Nunez in their everyday roster? Or do they search their options and look outside their organization. I am betting on the latter. So why not Duda?

Rant” your thoughts in the comments section below about whether or not you would make this trade as either a fan of the Mets or Yankees.


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