Are Los Angeles Angels Moving too Fast on Albert Pujols’ Recovery?

By David Miller
albert pujols angels
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels look as good on paper as any team has in the past decade. They have the potential for more power than anyone in recent memory. Some of that depends on the health of first baseman Albert Pujols’ knee, however. He had arthroscopic surgery on it after last season and the recovery of the right knee isn’t complete. Yet, while knowing he isn’t quite one-hundred percent the Angels put him in the lineup. That could be a mistake.

Here’s the thing. Pujols showed last year that he is willing to play through pain and does a pretty good job. The problem with that is that he might not be the best in the world at taking it easy while rehabbing. That is where the risk comes in. By putting him in the spring games already, they put him in a full speed game. Some players might be able to take it easy but the great ones get on base and try to score no matter how healthy they are or what time of the year it is.

One wrong move could result in a setback that they don’t need. The good news is that they are still keeping him from first base duties. He’s been slotted in as the DH so far. Even that could be something that they should wait on. Maybe let him play in simulated games during the day or stick with running drills. Still, Pujols is still basically young and might get through this without a second thought of the injury. If I were the Angels, I would just be a tad more cautious.

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