Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz Frustration Mounts As Injury Still Lingers

By Art Eddy
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz felt that the rehab from his right Achilles tendon injury was going in the right direction. Unfortunately the pain is still definitely present which limits his daily activity out on the diamond.  Ortiz was looking to participate in some running drills, but the coaches told him that he was going to do some light training.

Yesterday manager John Farrell was told by Ortiz that he had felt some pain in both legs. The soreness was not all related to the Achilles injury. According to Ortiz some of the pain came from the back of his ankles. David had run the bases on Monday and Tuesday was given Wednesday off to rest. When he went to camp on Thursday he had reported some aches in his legs which made the Red Sox move him to some light activity.’s Ian Brown spoke with Ortiz about the injury and if it will have any effect on him playing opening day. David told Ian, “We have three and a half weeks until Opening Day. That’s my goal, to be there, but it doesn’t depend on me anymore. I definitely want to be out there.”

What is tough for the team and David is that if he doesn’t get any batting practice in before the regular season he will not be fully ready to play in a regular season game. A player can’t expect to turn the switch on if he hasn’t put the right amount of work in training camp. It doesn’t matter how good of a player Ortiz is, he will need some time training to get back into the swing of things.

When a player is dealing with an Achilles injury there is never a concrete date that a player will be back at full strength. With that in mind it seems that the Red Sox will be taking things very slow with Ortiz until they feel he is at point where he can play day after day. Boston fans will now start to wonder if this will be a long term issue this season.

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