Ryan Braun Handling PED Allegations Well Once Again

By Michael Terrill
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun is once again dealing with performance-enhancing drugs during Spring Training and, once again, it appears to be a non-issue for the left fielder.

Braun refuses to allow the allegations against him to distract him from what is important. He knows that he is the heart and soul of the Brewers and he must be at the top of his game if the team wants any chance of competing in the National League Central in 2013. He understands that he cannot allow the chatter to get to him because it will not only hurt his performance, it will ultimately cost the team.

The best thing for Braun to do once the news broke that his name was listed on records at the Biogenesis of America clinic was to get back to work in Spring Training. Something else that will keep his mind at ease is suiting up for Team USA and competing in the World Baseball Classic. These are two things that have really helped him get through this difficult time.

Braun has insisted he only used Anthony Bosch, Biogenesis of America’s operator, as a consultant last year when he was appealing a 50-game suspension for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. Bosch claimed that Braun’s party still owed him some money for his services and kept it on record. However, it is quite easy to put one and one together after Braun has already been put under the microscope once in the past year.

The good news for Brewers fans is that Braun has not allowed this to become a distraction and is determined to be one of the top offensive producers in all of Major League Baseball for the third consecutive season.

The 29-year-old followed up his phenomenal NL MVP season in 2011 with an incredible year in 2012, batting .319 with 41 home runs, 112 RBI, 36 doubles and 30 stolen bases in 598 at-bats. Many believe he would have been the league’s MVP for the second straight year if the PED allegations never occurred.

Whether Braun will be able to keep up his unbelievable pace at the plate is unknown, along with what his future holds if MLB gets any incriminating evidence against him. For now, the only thing he can do is continue to prepare for another season and hopefully lead Team USA to a gold medal in the international tournament.

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