San Francisco Giants Rumors: Brian Wilson Still An Option?

By Thom Tsang
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As far a baseball reunions go, the potential of the San Francisco Giants and Brian Wilson getting back together isn’t really all that surprising.

After all, the two have championship history together, and the Giants have been the only MLB team that Wilson has known. There’s also no denying that the odd personality has made Wilson one of the faces of the teams over the last few seasons.

Can anyone really forget the Fear the Beard phenomena that quickly?

Well, at least not Bruce Bochy anyway. It was only about a month ago that the Giants GM told that there was still a possibility of the team bringing back the popular closer. There’s been no traction to that between than and now, of course, but the beard is apparently still on Bochy’s mind:

Okay, so the door is still open. Blocking the way of that open door, however, is a yet-to-be determined seven-figure — perhaps even eight-figure — sum in dollars written on a guaranteed contract.

Yes, even after his second Tommy John surgery, the 30-year old closer could still be looking at a multi-year contract with $10 million or more. He only needs to see Joe Nathan and his two-year, $14.5 million contract to confirm that.

The Giants won’t be sold on that, though.

Sure, if Wilson is healthy, the team’s former closer would be nice to have on the defending World Series champions. That’s just the thing though – the team has Sergio Romo as their current closer, and he’s been as dominant as any other reliever in the league since taking over the ninth inning.

In fact, he’s even got the beard.

That makes Wilson a want instead of a need, and the Giants are looking to shell out the kind of money that the righty is asking for so that he can be a setup man, even if he has been such a major part of the team’s success.

For for now, the door is open, but no one is going to step through it just yet.

It might not happen anytime soon either. According to a report from Scott Miller of CBS Sports, Wilson is said to be at “80 to 85 percent” right now, and is unlikely to sign a deal before Opening Day.

Whether the Giants still be interested by then will likely more to do about the numbers that Wilson is looking for in a contract, rather than the percentage of his readiness.

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