Stephen Fife Deserves a Chance within Los Angeles Dodgers Rotation

By David Miller
stephen fife dodgers
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There is an old saying that no good deed goes unpunished. While I don’t think those are necessarily words to live by, Stephen Fife might this spring season. Fife is a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. More accurately he has been in their minor league system for a short time after being in that of the Boston Red Sox. At the age of twenty-six Fife seems to be coming into his own as far as prime time to be a pitcher at the major league level. If that is indeed true, he couldn’t be on a worse team than the Dodgers.

To be clear I’m not saying that the Dodgers are bad. Quite the opposite actually; they seem to be very good and are deep as well. They are especially deep at the starting pitcher position. Check out these names: Clayton Kershaw, Josh Beckett, Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang, Ted Lilly and Chad Billingsley. Those are six pretty good names in starting pitching wouldn’t you agree? Okay now add the free agent signings of Hyun-Jin Ryu and Zack Greinke. You know what you have there? You have way too many starters.

That can be a good problem to have unless you are a promising young pitcher like Fife. How is he supposed to force his way into that list of names to be one of the final starting five? Well, for starters he could pitch in five games over a few call-ups and post a 2.70 ERA. Yeah that should do it. But after he displayed that ability to get real major league hitters out, the Dodgers went out and signed Greinke.

You know Fife had to be shaking his head at that. Sure he wants to win but man the guy wants to start! Also he deserves the chance to start with this team. If the Dodgers are too wrapped up with their free agents and the big names to give this guy a real shot at the rotation they should honestly trade him to someone who will. He deserves it and they owe it to him.

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