Who is the Right Second Baseman for the Texas Rangers?

By Kyle McAreavy
Ian Kinsler
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Right now the Texas Rangers have a very good second baseman in Ian Kinsler. But is Kinsler the right second baseman for the future? There are a couple of different answers here.

The first one would be that yes, Kinsler is the second baseman for the Rangers and it should stay that way. He perennially hits 20 home runs and has an upper .200s average.

The more interesting answer would be that no Kinsler is not the second baseman of the future and the Rangers need to start playing Jurickson Profar as soon as possible.

Profar is a 20 year old super-prospect and is major league ready. But there is a very talented block at shortstop named Elvis Andrus. Even in this answer though there are a couple of different options.

There is the obvious option of sitting or maybe trading Kinsler and trying to get as much back as possible. But there is also the idea that the Rangers could move Kinsler to first base and bench Mitch Moreland. I like the second one better.

Moreland would not get as much back in a trade as Kinsler would but I think the Rangers need Kinsler’s bat in the lineup now more than ever. Sustaining the losses of Mike Napoli, Michael Young and Josh Hamilton has really downgraded their offense and the Rangers need as many proven bats as possible.

That being said, it is time to start getting Profar some major league experience, because it looks realistic that Andrus will be leaving when his contract is up after the 2014 season. This is due in large part to the stubbornness of Andrus’ agent, Scott Boras.

In my mind the best option out of all of these would be to have Profar play second and move Kinsler to first, but for the right price trading Kinsler may become a much better route to go.

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