Boston Red Sox Stephen Drew Improving from Concussion

By Art Eddy
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday night, Boston Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew was hit on the helmet by a pitch during their game against the Minnesota Twins. He sustained a concussion and even though he was showing signs of improvements on Friday, he did not play last night. Drew still was showing some side effects from the Thursday’s injury.

Since the game was an exhibition, Boston felt that they did not need to rush anything by sending Drew out on the field. Red Sox manager John Farrell did say that Stephen was doing better as the team ran tests on him. They performed a bike test today to test if any of the concussion symptoms would come back while he exerted himself. The test was successful until the end when Stephen had a few symptoms of his concussion.

Even though the Red Sox are concerned about the past two days of pain still lingering, Drew is not worried. There are still three weeks of the preseason left for him to fully heal. Today Drew spoke with WEEI’s Alex Speier about his condition saying,”We’ve got three weeks before the season starts, so we don’t really need to rush into things and get those symptoms back.”

While Stephen Drew will be not seeing any action right now, Jose Iglesias will be able to use this opportunity to show his ability to play at shortstop. He started in tonight’s game against the Baltimore Orioles.  Iglesias is in a tough spot since Boston signed Drew to be the present starter for the Red Sox and they feel that Xander Bogaerts will be the future. Now with Drew out of the lineup, Iglesias looks to make a good impression at least for tonight.

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