Hanley Ramirez: Los Angeles Dodgers Shortstop is Back Where He Belongs

By Rodney Coe
Los Angeles Dodgers Hanley Ramirez
Jake Roth-US Presswire

When the Los Angeles Dodgers traded for Hanley Ramirez, they knew exactly what they were getting: a three-time All-Star and former National League batting champion.

Ramirez is one of the best ball players in Major League Baseball.

Ramirez was injured in the 2011 season while playing with the Miami Marlins. The injury possibly prompted the Marlins to have a changing of the guard. After playing his entire career at short-stop, the Marlins moved him to third base to make room for newly-acquired Jose Reyes.

The move wasn’t a good fit for Ramirez.

The Marlins traded Ramirez to the Dodgers last year. It was difficult for him to leave Miami because that is where he spent the first seven years of his career. He told Enrique Rojas of ESPN deportes, “For me this day is not easy. The Marlins have been my family, the only one I had in baseball, I will never forget who gave me that first opportunity that every human being needs. They will always be in my heart.”

But now things have changed greatly for Ramirez. On his website, he posted: “Ramirez is ready to return to short-stop.”

Indeed he is. Ramirez has a career fielding percentage of .968, and his total error numbers have dropped significantly since 2008. His bat speaks for itself with career numbers at .298 BA, .371 OBP, .495 SLG, .866 OPS. couple that with 1,171 hits, 158 HRs, and 526 RBIs, and you have a short-stop who has proven to be quite an asset.

Ramirez is happy to be back at short, and it is right where he belongs.

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