Houston Astros: Don't Worry About Jordan Lyles...Yet

By Lee White
Jordan Lyles Houston Astros
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of Houston Astros fans have been worrying about starting pitcher Jordan Lyles.

This worry started last year. Lyles came up as a starting pitcher with the Astros two years ago — he was nineteen years of age. This guy was supposed to be like the Astros savior, and he sure looked like it during his first start.

He just completely mowed the Chicago Cubs down. I particularly remember this game because I have always been a Lyles fan basically ever since the Astros drafted him. I also remember Lyles striking out Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano, and Zambrano was so frustrated he broke his bat over his knee.

I tell you that story because I feel like “Big Z” right now. If I had a bat, I would attempt to break it over my knee.

The reason I’m so frustrated is because of Astros fans not having any faith whatsoever in Lyles. Now, I know he has been frustrating to watch, but he is still young. In fact, he is one of the only starting pitchers in Major League Baseball born in 1990.

Now I know the “he’s still young” excuse is old and worn out, but it is true! You can’t look past his age.

Lyles has not been good this spring. In fact, he has been the opposite of good, but I still think he’s the third pitcher in the rotation. He has had three appearances so far this spring, but he isn’t exactly trying to get guys out right now. Lyles has even said that — he is just working on his mechanics, and he is working on throwing strikes. I know spring stats are tough not to get caught up in, but don’t do it!

It isn’t time to worry about Lyles just yet. I believe he will get his mechanics going and will be just fine. In fact, he’ll probably a better pitcher than he was a year ago. I mean, look at his stats from September — he was a much different pitcher.

If the Astros can get him to build on that, he’ll be just fine.

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