Philadelphia Phillies: Is Jimmy Rollins a Hall of Famer?

By Victor Filoromo
Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Jimmy Rollins has accomplished a lot in his career. After all, not many guys get to say they’ve won an MVP, a World Series, been to three All-Star Games, and picked up four Gold Gloves (even though Gold Gloves don’t exactly seem to be the best way of determining who is actually a defensive stud).

Now entering his 14th season, while some are waxing poetic about Rollins’ career entering its twilight, a simple question has emerged: Is Jimmy Rollins a Hall of Fame player?

He’s certainly an above-average hitting shortstop, as it’s not every day that a shortstop puts up a career .270/.328/.432 line. His defense has always been spectacular, and his range is still better than many shortstops have today. He’s not the speedster he used to be, but he’s still a threat on the basepaths.

Rollins has accomplished a lot, but looking at what other players have done, he’s still shy of the Hall, and probably never will get there.

Just look at Barry Larkin, a man who was inducted in 2012. Using Baseball-Reference’s WAR standard, otherwise known as bWAR, Larkin clocked in at 67.1. Meanwhile, Rollins’ bWAR is 40.3. Alan Trammell, a guy who has had a very tough time getting into the Hall, also sports a career bWAR of 67.1.

Maybe the debate should be about Trammell and whether or not he should be in the Hall of Fame.

Rollins has done a lot in his career, and he has meant a lot to the Philadelphia Phillies, but he is short of Hall of Fame standards at this point. Plus, he’s obviously running out of time to make it there. Rollins may long be remembered as a very good player, but it’s not the “Hall of Very Good”, it’s the Hall of Fame.

Don’t expect to see Rollins in Cooperstown.


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