Cincinnati Reds: New Additions to Great American BallPark Should Excite Fans

By Brad Stiene
Andrew Weber-USATODAY Sports

Cincinnati Reds‘ COO Phil Castellini announced Friday that there will be some new places to watch the Reds play inside Great American BallPark as well as some new attractive things for many fans to enjoy along the way into the game.

So first I would like to start about something us adults would enjoy–or maybe it’s just me. How many of you all (and be honest Reds’ fans I’ve seen you do it) have gone to a Reds’ game, or game in general, and have heckled the visiting teams’ bullpen? Well, now courtesy of Budweiser, Reds’ fans can enjoy watching a game atop the “Budweiser Bow Tie Bar” above the bullpen of the visitors. This, is going to be new hang out at Great American. If you’re like me, you’ve always enjoyed watching the games at different areas of the ball park. But now, you’re in a position to not only watch the game from the outfield with a great view, but also say a few things to visitors’ bullpen–because let’s face it, some of us just can’t grow up. This is the best thing the Reds’ have done to renovate the ballpark.

The second thing the Reds are doing is they adding another entrance to the gift shop that faces the newly-built Banks development across the street. This will allow people to access the gift shop much easier without having to wait in a line that can sometimes build up before the game. Or, it can have people across the street at the bars at the Banks walk over and buy themselves some new Reds’ gear instead of having to wear that beat-up Ken Griffey Jr. Reds’ jersey shirt (don’t lie, you still have one).

A third thing the Reds are doing is redoing the Crosley Plaza to allow bands and other events being done before the game to have more space to perform. It was always very crowded when trying to walk around the bands and other activities going on. So now that will allow for more space for the pre-game activities to warm the crowd up as the Reds are getting ready to play.

Other than the three things I have mentioned, there isn’t much difference to Great American BallPark. The Reds originally had 16 trees to represent the 16 teams in the National League, but since the Houston Astros have gone to the American League they have since cut it down (gasp!). Rumor has it that Castellini will be getting rid of the white fences at the main entrance of GABP. But only time will tell if that will be true.

So, if you’re like me, you like these ideas. The Reds are continually trying new things to encourage people to come out to the ballpark and watch the games. From new ticketing options, to renovations around the park and putting a winning team on the field, the Reds remain a gold standard in the MLB.

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