Gerald Laird Will be all that Atlanta Braves Need in Backup Catcher

By David Miller
gerald laird braves
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

For the last few seasons, David Ross has done a great many things for the Atlanta Braves, not the least of which was backing up a less than 100 percent Brian McCann at catcher. The loss of Ross to the Boston Red Sox has some worried about someone being able to fill that role properly. Gerald Laird, the man signed to replace Ross as backup catcher, is going to prove to be more than enough to replace Ross.

I don’t mean to lessen the things that Ross did for the club. He was great. The obvious point here is that he isn’t the only man that can be a good veteran leader for a team, mentor for a pitching staff as well as leading in the clubhouse. Laird knows full well what will be expected of him in the role he is stepping into. He knows that it will include bringing along young pitchers who need to learn situational pitching from a veteran catcher. Also Laird is aware that he will be expected to be a leader in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse leader job is actually going to be one of Laird’s most important. They not only lost Ross in that role but Martin Prado was a great clubhouse leader as well. Laird will have his work cut out for him but thankfully there are others who will step up and lead along with him. In the end you’ll see Laird able to duplicate most of what Ross could do. Those things he doesn’t do as well, he could do even better.

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