Chicago Cubs’ Video Coordinator Enters 64-Player Bunt Tournament, Finishes 2nd

By Joshua Huffman
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. The Chicago Cubs are up to bat against a team of Martians who want to take over the world. With fewer than two outs in a tied game, David DeJesus stands on third base. Manager Dale Sveum needs someone to sacrifice his or herself with a suicide squeeze. Sveum’s No. 1 option, DeJesus, is unavailable at third base.

Saving a cheerleader won’t work. For the Cubs, a suicide squeeze is their only prayer. What other player in this organization has the fundamentals to pull this off? How about the runner-up in the Cubs’ 64-man bunt tournament: video coordinator and advanced scouting assistant Nate Halm.

Looks like the Cubs aren’t playing much small ball in 2013.

From play-in games to 64 to two, Halm beat a slew of Cubs players en route to a finals appearance against DeJesus. DeJesus successfully defended his title, making him the champion for the second straight season.

At first glance, it’s awkward to see a video coordinator beating MLB players at a bunt tournament. But is it that surprising? I’d compare it to an NBA player losing a free-throw competition to the senior citizen who practices daily at the YMCA. Although Dwight Howard is a great basketball player, some teenagers would school him at a free-throw contest.

Years ago, Halm was a collegiate baseball player for Miami University. He was a professional player in Munich. He’s not some random bum who just picked up a baseball bat for the first time since little league. It also helped that he was placed in the pitchers’ bracket.

Now go out there and lay down that suicide squeeze.

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