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Could David Lough be on the Kansas City Royals 25-man roster?

Royals Spring Training

James Guillory – USA Today Sports

One of the decided long-shots for a spot on the Kansas City Royals‘ 25-man Opening Day roster was David Lough. He played a bit at the major league level toward the end of last year and was certainly in the frame for the next few years, but at the time he looked more like a solid minor leaguer than anything else. With the Royals adding a lot of depth in the outfield over the winter, it looked like Lough was certain to start the season at Triple-A. And so he still probably will. But there is the pesky fact for anyone wanting to send him down that he is hitting .520 in 11 games so far with an OPS of 1.258.

There’s always the debate on how much Spring Training hits really count and whilst there is no question that hits and runs from nearer to the end of camp have a greater weight, there is little point in playing the games if one cannot force a selection simply through weight of runs. And that is what Lough is having a very good go at doing.

It isn’t known how many reserve outfielders and infielders the Royals are planning to take northeast with them to Kansas City (via Chicago for Opening Day). If he has to beat out Jarrod Dyson then there does not seem to be any chance for Lough. Dyson’s speed and ever-improving bat control should make him a lock for the Opening Day roster. But if there is another spot then Lough still has an outside chance to pip it. It’s all very unlikely still, but this is just the chance for which a player like Lough is invited to Spring Training. The Royals know he is talented and that he could be in the major leagues in the next few years. Lough has to keep proving to them that he should be in the major leagues now.