Detroit Tigers' Ace Justin Verlander Reminds Us He’s Human

By justingawel
Justin Verlander Detroit Tigers
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We’ve all had days like today. Some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Some days you forget about that big report your boss wanted on the Morgenson account. Some days you put Rogaine instead of toothpaste on your toothbrush and then uncontrollably cry in the shower, lamenting about your wasted youth, instead of going into the office.

Some days it just isn’t your day, and Monday afternoon Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander reminded us that even the most reliable pitchers who we have immortalized as paragons of excellence can have days such as these too. I mean, Kenneth Branagh starred in many adaptations of classic Shakespearian works and is considered a great talent, despite also appearing in Wild Wild West.

In 4.1 innings pitched on Monday against the New York Mets, Verlander gave up five runs on four hits, including a home run, while balking in a run. After he was taken out, Verlander commented that his rhythm was off and that led to the less-than-traditional results he achieved today. No worries, Verlander. We already know that you’re the best pitcher in baseball and even the best pitchers can have off days. It’s not as if you are competing for a roster spot or something like that.

True, it is a bummer when your ace gets roughed up, however, if anything, this start will be used as yet another motivator for the already-diligent Verlander. Three weeks from today, when Verlander takes the mound on Opening Day against the Minnesota Twins, you can bet that he will be ready.




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