Five Reasons Why the Cincinnati Reds Will Win the World Series

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Cincinnati Reds

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With the countdown of opening day under a month now and the weather warming up quickly, many baseball fans are gearing up for another exciting season that is the MLB season.

There are many fans of teams who know their team is going to be battling come October. The rest of them are hoping that they are at least still in the running come the All-Star Break and not 30 games out of first place.

For the Cincinnati Reds I think they have a very good shot at winning the World Series. I mean, I say this every year no matter how bad they are going to be. But I truly believe that the Reds’ owner Bob Castellini has put together a team that can win the NL Central and can make a deep run in postseason play and ultimately win a World Series.

Sure, there are many, many good teams that are going to be coming from the AL side of baseball, but if the Reds are able to peak at the right time in this marathon better known as the MLB season, look for the Reds to make some serious noise.

This is a list of five reasons why I think the Reds can win the World Series. Am I a blind foolish fan who thinks way too highly of their team? Well, probably. But the city of Cincinnati is starved for a championship from their hometown team. Some can argue that Cincinnati is a football town, but they are completely wrong. Cincinnati is a baseball town, and the residents live and die by this team.

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Starting Pitching

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Starting pitching comes in at the number five spot on the list not because it is the least important, but because it's not important as some of the others in this list.

The Reds have one of the best, and youngest, starting rotation the National League has to offer. With guys like Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Homer Bailey, the veteran Bronson Arroyo and a toss-up between Aroldis Chapman and Mike Leake, the Reds surely have the tools in the starting rotation to be tops in the National League Central again provided they stay healthy.

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Defense is another key role that plays into a team winning a World Series. Last season the Reds had a fielding percentage of .985--second best in the National League.

The Reds outfield and infield has become a complete stone wall. With guys like Brandon Phillips, Joey Votto and Jay Bruce, the Reds are looking to be in the top five, if not first, in defense again. Like the cliche says, "Defense wins championships."

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The bullpen checks in at number three on the list. In order to be a good team, you have to have a good bullpen.

Sure, you can make the argument that you need good starting pitching too and you would be right. But starting pitching can't go nine innings every time they take the field.

Last season the Reds had the best bullpen ERA at 2.65 and were first in saves with 56, batting average at a minuscule .219 and also allowed the least number of runs with 144.

If the Reds can duplicate what they did last season in terms of the bullpen, they are going to be extremely tough with guys like Logan Ondrusek, Jonathan Broxton and Sean Marshall.

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Like I had said earlier, "defense wins championships." But if this is the case you have to have a good offense as well to put runs on the board, right?

Last season the Reds had a team batting average of .251. They were a really tough team offensively and would score runs early and put themselves in a position to win in the late innings.

If the Reds can do what they did offensively last season with guys like Joey Votto, Jay Bruce, Todd Frazier and more, the Reds can run the table.

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Dusty Baker

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I am going to go out on a limb and say that not a single one of you would think that Reds' manager Dusty Baker would come in at the number one spot on this list. I just know it.

The reason I have chosen Baker to be number one on this list is because it is time for him to win a World Series.

Yes, I understand that he can be out-managed sometimes. Yes, I understand that he has made some questionable decisions throughout his career. Yes, I know that many Reds' faithful are not the biggest fans of him because of some of the moves he makes. I understand all of that. But it's his time.

Like I said in the introduction, the city of Cincinnati is starved for a championship from it's baseball team. There were some seasons that the Reds were absolutely awful and the team was left for dead.

But Baker came into a terrible situation the Reds had, and turned it around to make this team into a contender year in and year out. For him not to win a World Series by the time he calls it quits would be an absolute shame.

Baker is a great manager. He is a player's manager. He understands a lot of things I don't think many other managers do and that's why he's been successful at what he does. So that is why I think the time is now for the Reds to (here it comes again another cliche) "win one for the skipper."

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