Forget Their Record, the Philadelphia Phillies Offense is Ready

By Brendan Harmening
Eric Hartline – USATODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies fans should forget about the sub .500 spring training record and look at how well the offense has performed. If the trend of solid offensive production can hold during the regular season, and the pitching staff achieves what they are capable of achieving then this could be the beginning of a long season for the rest of the NL East.

The Phillies are 7-8-1 in their 16 games thus far. I know, I know, that doesn’t exactly make you want to start dancing on tables or anything. Like I said, ignore the record and remember that this is spring training, and spring training records are meaningless. Sure baseball is baseball, and the players are still competing against other professionals, so these games must hold some sort of water… right?

Wrong. Look at these records since 2011, that belong to the: Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and Colorado Rockies, and see if you can guess which belongs to the team that made two World Series in that stretch (the Rangers):

A. 49-17

B. 44-33

C. 43-27

D. 32-40

If you said D you were correct. Out of the near basement dwellers, the Rangers had the worst record by 11 wins, but that didn’t stop them from annihilating those three during the regular season.

The Phillies offense has put up 5.4 runs per game, and 7.4 runs in games that they won. Domonic Brown and Ryan Howard are playing like an MVP candidates. Sure, the spring training MVP is kind of like the captain of the 6th grade kickball team (who cares), but from a guy that the Phillies have been waiting for years on like Brown, or a guy who is as vital to the team as Ryan Howard, these are great signs.

Everything doesn’t have to go right for a MLB team to have good spring training, they just need important pieces to show they can be depended on during the season, and the Phillies offense is doing just that.

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