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New York Yankees Contacting Chipper Jones to Fill Void?

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


Brian Cashman has apparently been exploring every stone and every corner and crevice in the universe to fill the hole left by Mark Teixeira’s injury. It is already known that Cashman reached out to Derrek Lee who hasn’t played since 2011 to fill the temporary vacancy at first base for the New York Yankees. Now, apparently, Cashman has also called Scott Rolen and will try to contact Chipper Jones.

That’s right, Cashman will reach out to Jones’ agent to gauge his interest in playing for the Yankees. In response to the potential courtship, Jones’ agent, B.B. Abbott, has said he sincerely doubts Chipper will come out of retirement but that he would be flattered.

Rolen is also an unlikely possibility as he has already turned down two offers from the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cincinnati Reds. Apparently Rolen is looking for guaranteed money and playing time which might preclude him from joining the Yankees.

Cashman’s search for a potential third base/first base fit has led to more strikeouts than an Adam Dunn-Mark Reynolds home run derby. The only players Cashman has apparently not contacted at this point are Dale Murphy, Chris Chambliss and Cecil Cooper.

In all seriousness, the Yankees are just exhausting their options and doing their due diligence and checking every stone, even if some of the players they are checking in on last played in the Stone Age. The likely scenario for the Yankees at this time is they will wait for some veterans who are in other camps to either be released or opt-out of their deals to pursue contracts with other teams rather than accept a minor league assignment.