New York Yankees Interested in Signing Chipper Jones

By Michael Terrill
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees know that Chipper Jones retired last season and is enjoying life just the way it is, but that is not stopping general manager Brian Cashman for taking a stab at signing the long-time Atlanta Braves slugger.

“He’d be perfect,” Cashman explained to Sports Illustrated. “I’d take Larry in a heartbeat. I think everybody would.”

Although Larry, more well-known as Chipper, thought it was awesome for the Yankees to make such an offer, he would much prefer to stay retired and work on his golf game. He even took to Twitter to explain his decision before the media could run wild with the apparent idea.

As amazing as that would be to see Jones suit up for one more season in the big leagues, there is no way I could handle seeing him in pinstripes. Even though watching him line up next to Derek Jeter on the left side of the infield would be very cool, it is simply not worth it in the long run.

“I can imagine a lot of things in baseball,” Braves coach and former third baseman Terry Pendleton said, according to, “but Chipper playing for the Yankees isn’t one of them.”

Jones’ decision to come back to play for the Yankees would not sit well with the fine people of Atlanta and would for sure cost him the special bond he has with the loyal fan base. It would single-handedly destroy the hearts of everyone that calls the Braves their favorite team. I would know after living in Wisconsin and dealing with the ridiculous Brett Favre debacle.

It makes sense why New York would want to sign Jones to a one-year deal. For starters, the soon-to-be 41-year-old can still play even if his numbers have dropped off a bit in recent years. The Yankees also need some extra help now that they are dealing with crucial injuries to a couple of star players. However, the big reason I believe the Yankees would want to acquire the switch-hitter is for attendance purposes, like they need it anyways.

Jones made the right decision –assuming he sticks with it– to stay retired and allow his legacy to flourish. He accomplished so many incredible feats over his long career and there is simply no point to ruin all of that by un-retiring to play for New York of all teams, especially after his goodbye tour this past season.

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