Expect Bryce Harper To Participate In 2017 World Baseball Classic

By Randy Holt
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

One of the great disappointments of this World Baseball Classic, from an American point of view, has been the absence of some of the young stars from around Major League Baseball that did not take part in the tournament.

Of those stars, one has already vowed to be a part of the festivities in 2017: Bryce Harper.

Some fans have been critical of the choices of several players not to partake in the tournament. Some feel that Harper’s excuse for skipping the 2013 WBC wasn’t valid enough.

Harper is skipping the tournament in order to focus on the several adjustments he’ll have to make this year for the Washington Nationals. He’s making the transition from centerfield over to left, while he’ll also be playing next to a new teammate out there, in Denard Span.

Each of those reasons are certainly valid. Outfield communication is key, on top of the fact that left is going to be an adjustment. Let Harper get any issues out of the way during spring training so they don’t carry over into the regular season.

By the time the 2017 WBC rolls around, Bryce Harper will only be 24. Which means that he may not even be in the prime of his career at that point. He’s already made a point of it to say, with absolute certainty, that he’ll be a part of Team USA in 2017.

That should be something for fans to look forward to seeing by the time the next tournament rolls around. Which should help to alleviate the disappointment that surely awaits Team USA as they move forward in this tournament.

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