Is Mitch Moreland In the Future Plans for the Texas Rangers?

By Kyle McAreavy
Mitch Moreland
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt being pretty close to major league ready it’s time to look around the Texas Rangers and see who is and isn’t part of the future plans.

The first player to look at is Mitch Moreland. Both of the super-prospects I named will affect Moreland. Olt being a corner infielder has a pretty obvious effect and it will just end up being which of the two (Moreland or Olt) is better.

But Profar might have a quicker influence. With Profar most likely ready to play this season, the Rangers need to ask themselves who is and who isn’t important enough to keep him out of the lineup. Moreland is not.

A realistic option for the Rangers would be to move Ian Kinsler from second base to first base and let Profar play second. Well that moves Kinsler into Moreland’s spot and leaves the question of Olt for later.

I think that is the best option because I’m not entirely sure if Olt is major league ready quite yet. And with Lance Berkman being brought in this offseason to fill the designated hitter role, Moreland doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Moreland should not be part of the future plan for the Rangers. He wont bring in t0o much from a trade, but whatever he brings in is worth more than having him ridding the bench as a substitute.

Moreland has good power, but don’t get t0o upset Ranger fans because he isn’t worth that much to begin with.

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