Larry Bowa Must Join Ryne Sandberg's Philadelphia Phillies' 2014 Staff

By Sean O'Brien
Philadelphia Phillies Ryne Sandberg
Jake Roth – USA TODAY Sports

Of course this future demand jumps the gun. But, all hardcore baseball fans who don’t take themselves too seriously won’t be offended by thought of future Philadelphia Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg asking his former teammate, mentor and friend Larry Bowa to become his bench coach next season.

Seeing Bowa in the Team USA dugout during the World Baseball Classic reminded me that “Bo” still has a long way to go if he returns full-time to his familiar diamond ride. At 67, the “Gnat” sports a love for the game that has no exact soul mate. His analysis on the MLB Network reveals more than a crisp mind, it demonstrates a passion for the profession that hasn’t died.

Bowa was a good fit during one of his previous Philadelphia incarnations, when he served as the team’s third base coach. That type of supportive role is clearly one that he could handle if he were to don the red pinstripes once more.

Everyone who has lived, or understands, the specific history of this team knows that Bowa was one of the main sparks that helped to fan the Phillies’ renewed flame more than a decade ago. Former general manager Ed Wade’s specific 2001 selection of this franchise icon helped to put the team back on a winning path. His strong influence on Jimmy Rollins‘ early career efforts also enabled “J-Roll’s” star to rise.

As someone who respects the place that Charlie Manuel holds in Phillies’ history, I want his 2013 squad to make the postseason this year. I would also like “Chuck” to remain with the team in an advisory role after this season ends.

Seeing Sandberg take the reigns, sometime after the playoffs end, and having him hire Bowa as his bench coach would be ideal. The thought of repackaging two pieces from one of the most infamous trades (Bowa and Sandberg to the Chicago Cubs for Ivan De Jesus, January 1982) in team history is simply tantalizing.

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