Oakland Athletics Second Base Job Should go to Jed Lowrie

By David Miller
jed lowrie athletics
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Last season Jamile Weeks did not play well enough to keep himself firmly notched as the Oakland Athletics’ second baseman. That naturally led to a competition this spring for the job. One player that looked promising on paper was Jed Lowrie who came over from the Houston Astros. Lowrie has played in a way that tends to make you wonder how the Atheltics could refuse him the job?

No decision has been made as of yet and that surely has to do with the status of Weeks’ shoulder trouble. He is scheduled to play in a couple of rehab starts in the minors before rejoining the Athletics this week. The former second baseman Weeks had been on a bit of a tear early in the spring before he was hurt. Lowrie has been on a tear ever since and continues to get great at-bats and drive in runs.

I realize that it might not be the popular thing to do to give Weeks’ former job away while he is hurt but I think Lowrie has earned it. The right thing is to get Weeks healthy and bring him back in with some playing time to try and see what he can do. In all likelihood the job should go to Lowrie at this point, though. He is hitting like crazy and playing really well at second base.

In the end, you figure Weeks will have a spot on the team regardless. The Athletics seem to have taken a liking to having one too many outfielders and probably will do the same for infielders. When I say that I don’t mean a standard bench player as the fourth outfielder or extra infielder, I mean a guy that could start as well as the others. It might be possible for Weeks and Lowrie to divide some playing time but I think once Weeks is back for a few games, the job will officially go to Lowrie.

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