Atlanta Braves Julio Teheran Unhittable Versus St. Louis Cardinals

By David Miller
Julio Teheran braves
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I have already written a couple of articles about how well Julio Teheran is going to pitch this season for the Atlanta Braves. The bad season last year has taught him the pitching lesson of his career and will catapult him into prime-of-career type numbers this season. But anyone can make a prediction right? Well, sure but Teheran continues to go out and back it up with the control and the success of his pitches.

Spring Training really is an exhibition though. That’s what you might be thinking. Sure, in a way it is. But throwing five no-hit frames against the St. Louis Cardinals is nothing to scoff towards no matter when it is done. Just take a look at how many no-hit five inning performances there have been this spring. The point is that it is almost as rare now as it is during the season and any way you slice it, it is impressive.

One factor that is surely indeterminable is how this success and control will carry over into the regular season in a few weeks. While we have to wait for the real answer to that question, I think we can get a hint from the general consensus of pitchers around the league. The time for throwing junk and working on speed is beginning to come to an end. The exhibition, who cares how many runs I give up period of the spring, is about to give way to the ‘let’s actually make sure we can get people out’ period.

Teheran’s five hit-less innings shout out that he is absolutely ready to begin getting people out. He might go out and give up a thousand runs next game but I am willing to bet he won’t. Teheran is out to win a job this year and I think it is pretty clear that he has done that. The question now is how good will the Braves’ likely fifth starter be? Will he perform well enough to create a really tough decision for the Braves when Brandon Beachey comes back? We will see.

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