Mark Rogers Prime Example of Why Milwaukee Brewers Need Veteran Starter

By Michael Terrill
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers were very interested in signing a veteran starter such as Ryan Dempster or Kyle Lohse this past off-season  However, when that did not happen, the organization decided to go with a crop of unproven starting pitchers.

Milwaukee has stated that their reason for going with four starters who each have less than a year of experience in the starting rotation is because these men are talented and filled with potential. The Brewers claim that other Major League Baseball teams have constantly asked if Michael Fiers, Mark Rogers and Wily Peralta are available to be traded.

I am not saying that this has not happened, but I believe it is an excuse for the team not wanting to overpay for a veteran pitcher.

Many fans are happy Milwaukee did not overpay for someone that, in all likelihood, would turn out to be another Jeff Suppan or Randy Wolf. However, the one thing a veteran would bring to the rotation is stability. Fiers proved last year that once a young starter falls into a certain groove, it is hard for them to break out of it.

Meanwhile, Rogers has proven that consistency is hard to master in the big leagues. A team can overcome one player with mental or physical issues on the mound, but it is hard to win when an entire fleet of starting pitchers cannot right the ship under their own power.

Already in Spring Training, the Brewers are witnessing certain issues that could pop up in the regular season. Rogers has become a prime example of why Milwaukee may regret not acquiring a veteran starter to place behind ace Yovani Gallardo.

The right-hander is 0-1 in three starts with a 7.50 earned run average, and only one strike out in six innings. In his outing Tuesday afternoon, he allowed six runs (three earned) on three hits in 1.1 innings against the Texas Rangers. This is not acceptable, and certainly not what Milwaukee had in mind when they flirted with the idea of giving Rogers a spot in the rotation.

Even though it is only Spring Training and there is still plenty of time for Rogers to figure it out, the Brewers have to be a little worried with the decision they made to go with unproven pitchers. Rogers has not won a starting role yet, but other potential starters have not played much better either.

Milwaukee has already made the decision that 2013 is about taking a pay cut and seeing what their prospects can do. It would be a shame if the Brewers missed the postseason by a few games that could have been won by signing or trading for a proven pitcher in the off-season.

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