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Five Teams That Could Use Bud Norris

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Five Teams That Could Use Houston Astros' Pitcher Bud Norris

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The Houston Astros’ have had starting pitcher Bud Norris on the trading block for a while. One Astros writer for the Houston Chronicle put the chances Norris gets traded at 50/50. Houston Astros general manager, Jeff Luhnow, has not exactly said Norris was on the block. He did, however, say that the Astros are looking at options and will trade Norris if the deal is right.

I believe there are a few teams who could use Norris’ talents. I do believe Norris is more suited for a National League team. That is part of the reason why I believe Norris gets traded. I also believe that Norris doesn’t have a long term future with the Astros. Don’t get me wrong, I like Norris, and I always have, but the Astros are rebuilding and have some good pitchers coming up through the system.

It may be a couple years, but pretty soon Norris won’t be in the Astros rotation. If you ask me, Norris would be the perfect fifth starter for an NL team that needs him.

Right now, I decided there are about five teams that could use Norris. I have gone through the contending teams, looked at their rotations, and decided if they needed help. Norris definitely declined last season, but I believe Norris could become a much better pitcher on a contending team.

I have determined the teams because of injuries and lack of depth in the rotation. We will have to see how things play out. I’m not sure Norris will make it to the trade deadline with the Astros. We’ll just have to see.

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Number Five: Baltimore Orioles

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Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports has said the Baltimore Orioles are to be interested in the Astros’ starting pitcher, Norris. I am not really surprised either. Outside of Wei-Yin Chen, the Orioles didn’t have that good of a starting rotation. Their offense and bullpen was the main reason they went to the playoffs last season.

The Orioles starting rotation could really use some help. He isn’t the biggest upgrade, but I believe the Orioles the could use Bud Norris. Somehow, the Orioles had a negative run differential and still made the playoffs. The starting rotation is the reason for the negative run differential. If the Orioles can upgrade their starting rotation, they can be a much better team. Bud Norris could be a start for the Orioles.

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Number Four: Kansas City Royals

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The Kansas City Royals are in “go for it” mode. Their team is extremely young and they have some talent. The Royals acquired James Shields in the offseason. That ought to help with their starting rotation, but that is about all their starting rotation has.

The Royals overpaid for Jeremy Guthrie and acquired Ervin Santana. I have said the Royals are in “go for it” mode, but their rotation still needs work. The Royals could easily acquire Bud Norris from the Astros. They have the farm system for it, and they could use Norris.

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Number Three: Texas Rangers

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Okay, I get that the Astros and the Texas Rangers are now division rivals, and even in-state rivals (if you want to call them that). The Rangers have been in the postseason for the past three seasons. They have never won the World Series. I believe the Rangers have one of the better rotations in the American League West. The only problem is they just suffered an injury to their number five starter.

This is where Bud Norris fits in. The Rangers just signed Derek Lowe and that seems to be who they will try to fill the fifth spot with. I don’t think that will work out. Let's be honest for a second; Lowe is washed up. Norris is still young, a hard thrower, and works well at home. With the potent lineup that the Rangers have, Norris may be able to become a pretty decent pitcher with the Rangers.

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Number Two: St. Louis Cardinals

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The St. Louis Cardinals are making things tough on themselves. Starting pitcher Chris Carpenter will not be able to pitch this year. Thus, forcing the Cardinals to rush the young prospect, Shelby Miller, up to the big league team. Plus, you never know what Jaime Garcia is going to give you day in and day out.

I believe the Cardinals should try to bolster their rotation. Plus, Bud Norris has always dominated the Cardinals. Norris has a ton of ability, he just has to put it all together. Being on a contender, he may be able to do just that.

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Number One: San Diego Padres

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The San Diego Padres are a little tricky. They could be better than their record shows, they just need some help. They’re a young team and are going to continue to get younger if I had to guess. They have a pretty good farm system and can make some trades to become a contender.

Casey Kelly, the 45th prospect rated by Baseball America, has been diagnosed with an elbow injury. Kelly was called up to the Padres last season and was looking like he could make the rotation. If Kelly indeed needs Tommy John surgery, which is the thought, the Padres are going to need some replacements. I’m not saying Bud Norris is going to make the Padres instant contenders or anything close to that, but I do believe Norris will help this team out.