Is the World Baseball Classic the right decision for Jurickson Profar?

By Kyle McAreavy
Jurickson Profar
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the World Baseball Classic, I commended Jurickson Profar for his decision to forgo playing for the Netherlands to stay with the Texas Rangers during spring training.

But now, he will be joining his home country for the final round in San Francisco starting this weekend. So at this point, is it the right decision for super-prospect Profar?

I actually like this decision for Profar. He has had some time in spring training with the Rangers and now by joining the WBC, he gets to play for his country — an opportunity that everyone should take if they can.

This is not just a good move for Profar, though. It is actually really good for the Rangers too.

The obvious advantage for Profar is that he gets to go play meaningful games and he gets to represent his home, but the Rangers have now seen Profar take 36 at bats in 16 games this spring. With Profar playing in the WBC, the Rangers get to see how he plays under pressure.

How you play in spring training doesn’t make a huge difference, but the WBC has given players chances that they wouldn’t get otherwise.

When the Rangers watch Profar shine as a second baseman/designated hitter (since he wont take Andrelton Simmons’ spot at short), they will know that it is time for him to be a major league starter, even if he is just the tender age of 20.

Who knows, maybe he is this year’s Mike Trout.

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