San Francisco Giants Chad Gaudin is Utility Infielder of Pitchers

By David Miller
chad gaudin giants
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It takes a lot of hard work and pride for a baseball player to make it to the Major League Baseball level. No one is saying is a bad thing, on the contrary it clearly drives many players to greatness. However, it is sometimes refreshing to see a player that isn’t cocky and overconfident. That isn’t to say they aren’t confident, mind you, just not overtly so. The San Francisco Giants have found just such a player in Chad Gaudin.

That’s not the surprise though. What is surprising is that he is a pitcher. I don’t mean to suggest that all pitchers are overconfident jerks or anything; they just usually have their own way of doing things. That could mean a certain routine, a set of certain goals or any number of things. Gaudin has one goal stated for this season. He wants to help the Giants win another World Series. That’s it.

The guy will pitch from anywhere in the bullpen and has closed in his career a couple of times. Also he will go long if he needs to or even spot start for a while if the team is in a crunch. Whatever they need this man to do, he will do it for the good of the team. Not only that but as an added bonus he does it pretty well too. How cool and refreshing is it to find out that there is a pitcher like that right where we can all see him. I know there are probably more guys like him but he deserves to get some credit for having a great attitude towards his team.

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