Where does Elvis Andrus fit in the Texas Rangers' plans?

By Kyle McAreavy
Elvis Andrus and Jurickson Profar
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

As the current shortstop for the Texas Rangers, Elvis Andrus has a pretty important role in the coming season.

But with super prospect Jurickson Profar almost major league ready and Anrdrus’s contract running up in a couple of seasons, does Andrus have a role in the Rangers’ future?

Andrus is a perennial All-Star and still has a lot of potential, but Profar has an almost limitless ceiling. Super-agent Scott Boras is making it difficult for the Rangers to extend Andrus’s contract, and I am starting to think it isn’t worth it.

Is Andrus worth the money that Boras is going to be asking for? Not when they have Profar, who will be ready to be the every day shortstop by the time that Andrus’s contract runs up.

So does Andrus actually fit into any Rangers’ plans for the future? I think the best role for Andrus in this organization is to have him mentor young Profar for two seasons while the prospect is still developing. Then around the trade deadline in 2014, the Rangers need to trade Andrus for as much as possible.

He should be even more valuable at that point than he is now.

So yes, Andrus does have a part in the Rangers’ plans for the future – to be a mentor and then to bring as much younger talent back as possible in his contract year.

He may not end up having an enormous impact as a Rangers player for years to come, but he may affect this organization more than any player has over the last few years.

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