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Buster Posey Deserves Long-Term Deal From San Francisco Giants

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The 2013 MLB season will get underway in just over two weeks and the San Francisco Giants will be looking to defend their World Series championship. I believe that the Giants have something that they need to do though off the field before this season starts to make their chances of becoming a dynasty even stronger. San Francisco needs to sign Buster Posey to a long-term contract as soon as possible to lock him up for a long time.

San Francisco could wait on this obviously since Posey can’t become a free agent until after the 2016 season. I wouldn’t be waiting around until that time though with Posey. He has already won the Rookie of the Year and MVP awards during his short career and at age 25 is one of the top catchers in all of MLB. I’m sure that the Giants would love to get Posey out from behind the plate more this season to reduce the wear and tear on him, but in the process, a new contract is in order.

The Giants should go to Posey with a seven or eight-year deal worth around $140 million and see if they can get him to take it. I believe that Posey does deserve around $20 million a season for a catcher who has won two championships already. San Francisco hasn’t been an offensive force over the past number of seasons but has had the pitching to win those titles. There should be a lot of credit given to Posey for being behind the plate for all those pitchers and getting them to throw the right pitch at the right situation. It’s time for the Giants to pay up.

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