Colorado Rockies’ Rafael Betancourt is more than Just a Capable Closer

By David Miller
rafael betancourt rockies
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Most people that know baseball agree that it is fairly important to have a capable closer to come in and slam the door in the ninth inning. That doesn’t have to necessarily be one person but if one person can dominate at that position, why not give it to him? Many teams are not as lucky as those that can happen upon a great closer. These are the teams that have to find a way to get or create a closer. The Colorado Rockies asked Rafael Betancourt to give closing a try in late 2011. He has been much more than capable at the job.

His ERA last season was 2.81 with a WHIP of 1.127. Betancourt converted 31 of 38 save chances. He has a 4.75 strikeout to walk ratio. This guy isn’t just okay at the position of closer; he is very good at it. Manager Walt Weiss likes him there because he is reliable and handles the pressure well. He also probably likes him there because he successful when he closes games.

What I like is that he is willing to do it in the first place. Some pitchers that dream of starting refuse to give up that goal. Betancourt is the kind of guy that will pitch in any situation to help his team win. I love that attitude! It should be a lot more common than it is around baseball. Regardless of how common or uncommon his attitude is; Betancourt proved last season that he can close the games extremely well.

He will likely close all season this time around as well and will probably do a great job once again. You know what is awesome? If for some reason it didn’t work out this season and he had to move down to setup or even seventh inning reliever, Betancourt would do his best there too. What a great person to have leading the bullpen. Whether the Rockies win 60 games or over 100, you can bet Betancourt will be one big reason for most of them.

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