Martin Prado May Remove 'Utility' From His Player Description With Arizona Diamondbacks

By Michael Collins
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

While with the Atlanta Braves, Martin Prado was the do-it-all “utility” player. Anywhere the Braves had a need, they could plug Prado in and feel fairly comfortable that he’d do a superb job. Outfield, infield, pinch-hitting or running–Prado did it all for the Braves.

Now with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Prado may be able to settle in to a single position as an everyday player, something he was never able to do while in Atlanta. Although Prado has logged more innings playing the outfield than anywhere else on the diamond, he will more than likely be stepping in as the Diamondbacks full-time third baseman.

Fans in Atlanta are more than familiar with Prado’s ability to man the hot corner, as he was generally the first in line to take over third anytime that Chipper Jones went down with an injury. It practically seemed like the Braves didn’t lose a beat with Prado at third, and it’s a sure thing the front office over in Arizona noticed the same thing.

Stability and consistency were lacking with the Diamondbacks last year, and the clubhouse was reportedly somewhat divided to a degree. Word out of the desert now is that Prado has fit in like he’s been there for years, and that the atmosphere in the Arizona clubhouse is much more pleasant.

This isn’t surprising at all to be honest, as Prado is about as pragmatic and agreeable as they come. He’s also one of the hardest workers you’ll ever come across on a baseball field. He wasn’t blessed with unbelievable talent, but he makes the most of what he has, and is harder on himself than anyone.

Prado is an athlete, in the truest sense of the word, and the Diamondbacks will benefit from his work ethic and certainly from his glove at third. I’m sure Prado will be happy to finally have a position in which to roost.


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