Tampa Bay Rays Right to Shave Heads for Pediatric Cancer Foundation

By David Miller
oe maddon rays
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays will never do anything more important than what they have recently done for charity. Major League Baseball is a very wealthy and important sport. Some might argue that it isn’t exactly the national pastime anymore but in reality it is. Baseball matters to a lot of people in this country. Most of the time that is because of families passing down favorite teams from generation to generation. That is an important part of the game that should be taken seriously.

But seriously, there are things so much more important than baseball. That fact has not been lost on Joe Maddon, the manager of the Rays. He and most of the team are getting together this spring to shave their heads. For the team that is something that can be a bond building type of event, but that isn’t why they did it.

They did it as a promotion to donate to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. I have to be honest; there aren’t many things in this world more important than the issue this foundation tackles, much less baseball. Fans could text support of a player to a number and buy t-shirts as well. Some even chose to pay one hundred dollars and have their heads shaved along with the Rays. This is such a wonderful idea for any team to do, you wonder why every team doesn’t do something public for charity.

The good news is that many teams do help charities such as this one. Interestingly enough, the fact that a baseball team can view themselves properly as not nearly as important as charities such as this one, make them that much more valuable to their community. This is where the heart of baseball should lie, not in having the most trophies on the shelf. In the end there will be no memory of who won the most World Series titles. Teams like the Rays helping out the least of these, will live on for eternity.

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