Cincinnati Reds: How Can Manny Parra Contribute to the Club?

By Brad Stiene
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been said millions of times by myself and many others, the Cincinnati Reds have one of the best bullpens the MLB has to offer. There are many, many young, great arms mixed in with a few veterans in there as well.

Guys like Jonathan Broxton and Sean Marshall are the “older guys” in the bullpen if you will based on their experience.  While guys like Logan Ondrusek, Sam LeCure and Jose Arredondo are considered to be the young guys with tons of potential.

So how does a guy like Manny Parra fit into all of this?  There are many ways actually.

Parra was signed by the Reds in February to a one-year deal. He spent his whole career as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers‘ pitching staff.  He began his career as a starting pitcher where he struggled and then the Brewers thought it would be best for him to move into a reliever’s role where he continued to struggle.

Now, a member of the Reds, Parra has shown some flashes of dependability.  In the five games Parra has been in, he has pitched seven and two-thirds innings giving up three runs, striking out five and not walking a single batter. These are the kind of numbers the Reds’ are hoping Parra can produce during the season for them.

Parra is the kind of pitcher who can be versatile– I would consider it a utility pitcher almost.  He can give you a long relief role much like LeCure can, or he can give help from the left side considering the Reds only have Marshall.  If the Reds’ are looking for a player who can give them a spot start because of a late scratch, Parra is your guy too.

If the Reds’ are looking to give Parra a spot on the roster, it could be beneficial yet detrimental at the same time.  If Parra were in fact to make the opening day roster, that could take up a spot for the other guys who have been with the team for awhile now.  Needless to say, Dusty Baker has a problem– but a good one at that.

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