Felix Hernandez Looks to be Worth the Seattle Mariners’ Money

By David Miller
felix hernandez mariners
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, if you really think about it, the amount of money the players in Major League Baseball make is outrageous. I mean, Felix Hernandez signed a new deal worth $175 million this off-season. Can you believe that number? It would be a load of money if I forgot to put a decimal after the one. As it is, that amount is truly unbelievable. Is there that much money on Earth even? Honestly!

Now that my little rant about money is out of the way, let’s examine the fact that Hernandez got paid that much money to pitch for the Seattle Mariners. To be fair and remove my poor jealousy from the equation, let’s pretend he is getting paid in game-board money or candy. The guy showed up to spring training on time ready for work. He doesn’t seem to have a big head about his load of cash he can carry around. Actually, he seems willing to take on more of a leadership role with the team he has grown to love playing for.

His pitching is coming along right on schedule. He is acting like a veteran getting ready for the year and making sure he is ready to go not too early or late but right on time for opening day. If I’m being honest, I think he is actually worth the money within the context of the sport. If he were playing street lot ball, he would get picked first on each team. In college or high school he would be the go-to guy in every situation.

If he played for a league that got paid in candy, he would get more candy than most every other pitcher. Why should I slam him for making the most of the ridiculous amounts these guys make? It’s not his fault the sport has turned into a cash monster. You and I would want a raise if we had performed well too. I seriously doubt any of us would ask for less just because it seemed like too much. When the curtain drops on the season, the Mariners leading pitcher will be ready without a doubt. Every time he goes out to the mound they know they have a good chance to win. That, for me, is worth the money.

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