Chicago White Sox Opening Day Starter is Deservingly Chris Sale

By David Miller
chris sale white sox
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All spring there has been a question running through the minds of Chicago White Sox fans. Who will be the opening day starter? Will it be Jake Peavy or Chris Sale? Manager Robin Ventura has officially answered that question and the opening day bid goes to Sale. I think this is the right move for several reasons. Let’s look at a few of them.

First of all, while Peavy is the veteran on the staff, Sale is clearly becoming the leading pitcher on the team. It only makes sense for him to get the opening day start. That isn’t to say that there is a lot of space between him and Peavy. I’m sure there isn’t much. Going forward, Sale is the ace of the staff. It was going to happen eventually and it might as well happen this season.

This makes for a pretty good couple of weeks for Sale. Last week he signed a nice sized new contract and this week he gets the honor of being named the opening day starter. Peavy and Sale had been playing each other’s number one fan throughout the spring so you know Peavy doesn’t mind. Quite the contrary, his words suggest he is extremely happy with the choice.

Sale seemed to be genuine in his thinking that Peavy should get the spot. That should lend itself to Sale being humbly honored by this move by Ventura. Sure, he went out and got knocked around by the Oakland Athletics just afterwards, but who cares. He wouldn’t be the ace of the staff if a bad spring outing was going to affect his season. Come opening day, Sale will be pumped and ready. If he has nerves in the first inning, who wouldn’t? It promises to be another good season for Sale and the White Sox.

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