Toronto Blue Jays R.A. Dickey Was Okay in World Baseball Classic

By David Miller
R.A. Dickey Blue Jays
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The Toronto Blue Jays didn’t mess around when they were trying to better their team this off-season. They went all out on every front and threw cash at any position they needed help in. That was evident at the starting pitcher position as much as any. Signing free agent R.A. Dickey, former New York Mets Cy-Young winner, made a splash in the American League East for sure.

Some wondered how Dickey would deal with the transition back to the AL since his ERA and overall performance wasn’t nearly as good years ago when he was in the AL. If anyone hoped they would get a window into how good Dickey would be this season by his performance in the World Baseball Classic, they are likely disappointed. Dickey didn’t do that great but he didn’t do that poorly either.

His ERA for the spring going into the WBC was right around 9.00 as he worked on arm strength and mechanics. He started twice during the WBC and pitched total of nine innings with an ERA of exactly 5.00. That looks to me to be a natural progression for a veteran pitcher that is getting ready for the season. It’s completely possible that Dickey didn’t fare any better or worse going into the WBC that he would have with the Blue Jays.

Sadly that means that those of us anxious to see his American League readiness will just have to wait for the actual season like everyone else. A veteran, especially a successful veteran pitcher isn’t going to show his best stuff during the spring for anyone, even Team USA. That is great for the Blue Jays because it means Dickey is still preparing for their season as a first priority. If USA won the WBC, that would have been great. Now that they didn’t, it’s just back to business as usual for Dickey.

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