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Jason Werth Ready to Lead-off With Washington Nationals

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Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Werth is just your basic run-of-the-mill lead-off at the top of the Washington Nationals batting order. He is so typical that he has a little too much power and not enough speed. He is liable to drive in over sixty runs this year but probably won’t steal ten bags. How can he be a good lead-off guy you ask? That is simple. He gets on base.

Werth did a great job in an injury shortened season last year of striking out a ton less and getting on base more. Some of his power numbers came down a bit but that is okay from the leading position in the batting order. As they go into this season, Nationals fans can expect to see Werth giving fits to pitchers everywhere. He has a great swing and is just getting better at getting on base. He is healthy and basically has nothing to hold him back from having a great breakout season.

It is good to see a player that has improved over time. Werth has reinvented himself into this player that he is. Now, as some would say he isn’t right for the lead-off spot, he will go up and score close to a hundred runs. Some will say he could be used better down in the order while he knows for a fact that he plays at his best at the top of the order. Everyone looks for this perfect lead-off man. Some find one that fits the mold and some never do.

For the teams that do not find the cookie-cutter guy for the spot, like the Nationals, take their example to heart and find someone that flourishes in the leading role no matter how much lead-off man you see in them. If they love that position and can get on base, who cares how many bags they steal?

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