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By David Miller
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As great as Major League Baseball is, life outside the game is much more important. The cool thing is that when someone focuses on character and life skills outside the game of baseball, it positively affects the game they play. When someone gives the game of baseball their all, baseball tends to give right back. It leads to a player that just goes out and plays baseball the way it is supposed to be played. Mike Matheny, the manager and one time catcher of the St. Louis Cardinals is one such player and now manager that did things the right way.

What’s awesome about Matheny is that he still does things the right way. Whoever decided to give him the managerial job of the Cardinals is a genius. This is the type of man that can lead an organization to change for the better or increase their already family-like qualities. Matheny doesn’t stop with his stellar work with the Cardinals, though. He seems to have a passion for teaching youths the correct respect and character it takes to play baseball the right way.

They should respect the game. There is never a reason not to hustle on a baseball field. Umpires are to be respected by the player no matter if they are right or wrong. There is no I in team. Going down into the little leagues, throw in the fact that parents should be seen and not heard so loudly from the stands. All of this and other wonderful stances can be found in the document now known as the “Matheny Manifesto”. I went to his website and looked around. What I found was wonderfully refreshing.

Here is a guy that cares about the youth of this nation. He refuses to push his faith on others while also never cowering away from what he believes. Displaying respect and character traits of a solid and well rounded individual is a way of life. Isn’t it funny how traits that are found in great baseball players are also traits that help out in everyday life? Check out his website and attached twitter page; support any cause you can to help out his cause. You will not be sorry.

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