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San Francisco Giants First Baseman Brandon Belt Ready for Next Step

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There isn’t a lot going wrong the past few seasons for the San Francisco Giants. In case you are just tuning in, they have won two of the last three World Series Championships. That’s good. One difference from the first championship team to the second this past season is the first baseman. Brandon Belt now mans that position and is about to embark on the third season of his career.

After the 2010 season championship, Belt came in and began to start at first in 2011. The Giants didn’t win it all that season and Belt didn’t exactly threaten to win Rookie of the Year. In 2012, the Giants did win it all and Belt would have been right at the top of the voting if MLB had a Sophomore of the Year award. Across the board his stats improved. For instance his batting average was 50 points higher last year than his rookie season.

The numbers he is putting up this spring suggest that he is ready to take another step forward as he enters his third season. The words ‘breakout year’ get used a lot this time of the spring season but for Belt they could be for real. If not this season, he appears to be ready to take the next step upward the next season. Either way with his level headed and smart approach combined with his talent, Belt is going to be climbing the ladder of NL first basemen very soon.

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