Seattle Mariners Pitcher Blake Beavan Should Win a Rotation Spot

By David Miller
blake beavan mariners
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners are one of many teams that have a couple of starting rotation spots vacant. Also like many of those teams, the Mariners have sixteen pitchers, nine cashiers and a few police dogs going out for the spots. Okay, just kidding. Seriously they do have a ton of pitchers going for the two spots. Blake Beavan should win one of those spots and I will tell you why.

He already had one of the spots! That is easy reason number one. Obviously if he went out and massively stunk things up last year, you could understand him not having an advantage. He didn’t win the Cy-Young but he was okay. Beavan started 26 games and won 11 of them with an ERA over four. That isn’t great but when you consider how many pitchers didn’t get to double-digit wins, it makes you take a second look.

Beavan has good stuff; he is young and striving to improve. He was asked what his goals were and he said that he wanted to be more consistent with his new delivery and locate better. What he did not say is, “I’m gonna win that spot!” He might win the spot and he might not. Either way, Beavan intends to be a better pitcher when camp breaks. That is the main reason the job should be his. He will be better than he was last season. Give him the spot Mariners!

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